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I am always happy to chat about cats.
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Grand Champion
Meesona Mytruelove


Mollie achieved Championship status in three consecutive shows and has gone on to become a Grand Champion

Daughter to Zoe who is now retired.

Mollie is a Chocolate Point (24b)
Meesona Madamoiselle


Maddie has followed in her mothers footsteps and achieved Championship status in three consecutive shows.

Daughter to Mollie who is now retired

Maddie is a Seal Point (24)
Meesona Mattilda


Tilly is now retired.

Tilly is a Seal Point (24)
GCCF Champion +
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion

Meesona Mississippiblue


Missi is Maddies daughter
Missi is a blue point (24a)
Adelfam Love Inamist


Karlie is a Seal Tabby Point (32/1)
TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Meesona My-Delight


Maisie is a Chocolate Pointed Bicolour (48 40b)